Spring Cleaning Tips for Homes with Pets

Spring has sprung, and you know what that means. Now’s the time to shake off those cobwebs, stash the jackets and coats in the closet, and grab your puppy partner in crime for some outdoor adventures at long last. We’re totally all for that at Metro Mutts.

That’s not the only thing it’s time for. Unfortunately, spring also means it’s time for spring cleaning, where we give our living spaces a much-needed makeover. For pet parents, that can be especially arduous, considering how much cleaning we already have to do to manage their little pet messes. I mean, how do they even still have fur with all those furry tumbleweeds blowing around the house? It’s astounding.

So, we’re providing a few tips for our pet parents to help you turn that habitat into a home this spring. Check them out right here!

1. Eliminate Allergens

A lot of us are already reaching for the Allegra to deal with all that pollen, so the last thing you need in your home is loose fur, dander, dust, and other debris finding its way into the air and into your throat and lungs.

Grab a vacuum and get on it! We recommend one with a high-quality HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. Specialty pet hair attachments to the hose often work well, too, to get that stubborn fur that’s stuck to your couch cushions and bedding.

Dusting, sweeping, and mopping are all great for removing allergens, too.

2. Do the Laundry

Most of us are pretty diligent (or, you know, at least kinda diligent) about doing the laundry before it becomes a mountain, but springtime offers us the opportunity to take things a step further.

Grab that cushy bed your puppy loves lying on and give it a wash. Make sure you peruse the care instructions on the tag before shoving it in the washing machine though. Some beds are washable, others feature a removable covering that goes in the wash, but some are too delicate and will need to be cleaned by hand.

Any blankets, cushions, stuffed toys, and other bedding your good boy or girl likes to sleep on should also be washed to help reduce allergens and add a little freshness to the place.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Homes with Pets

3. Deodorize

We’re so used to our doggos that we’ve become nose blind to their odors. The place seems neutral and clean to us, but friends, family, and other guests take one whiff and know there’s a smelly dog around there somewhere!

First of all, his name is Mr. Stinky. Please be cordial and address him by name. Second, it’s nothing a little baking soda can’t solve.

Sprinkle a small quantity of baking soda on soft surfaces like couch cushions, rugs, carpets, and more. Then, just let it sit for a solid 20 minutes. Most dogs leave baking soda alone, but it can make them queasy if they ingest it, so you may want to get the dog out of the house while you do this. Give us a call if you’re in a bind, and we’ll gladly grab your buddy for a quick stroll!

Once the baking soda has done its job, grab that vacuum and suck it up. You’ll be left with a nice, clean, fresh-smelling home. Be cautious when using some popular air fresheners, and know what to look for if your dog has an adverse reaction to it. 

4. Pick Up Some New Toys

Spring gives us the opportunity to go out with the old and in with the new. So, ask yourself: how long have you let your pup chew that same grimy Nylabone? How bright is that tennis ball today versus when it was brand new?

Keeping the old toys around too long leaves a breeding ground for bacteria, so seize the day and pick up a few new toys for your special pooch. A trip to the local pet retailer is always a treat (and you could grab a few treats there while you’re at it), or you can grab some high-quality stuff online.

Toss the gross old stuff, bring in some fresh, clean new stuff, and everyone wins.

wash the dog - Spring Cleaning Tips for Homes with Pets

5. Wash the Dog

Okay, now for the part most folks loathe doing and should probably do more often: giving the dog a bath. We know it can be a legitimate battle that leaves your bathtub, shower, bathroom, and anywhere that silly pooch scampers off to after the bath in shambles, but it must be done!

A good bath freshens up your furry four-legged friend, but that’s not all. It’s also helpful for revitalizing their skin and improving the health of their coat, so they’ll shine with brilliant luster in the spring sun.

If you’re not keen on decimating your home with this chore, stop by your local pet retailer or groomer. Some stores have do-it-yourself shower stations where you can let your pup shake, shed, and leave all sorts of mess everywhere, sparing you from having to clean the house top to bottom right after. Others feature groomers who can do the job for you, provided your best buddy is on their best behavior!

Final Thoughts

Not everyone loves spring cleaning, but taking a little time to spruce the place up really helps you reset at the end of a long winter. Your place may be extra messy if you have a pup that loves getting into anything and everything. 

Your dog may even try getting in the way of cleaning, sabotaging your efforts to dust, sweep, or mop, growling and howling at the vacuum cleaner, or trying to lick up baking soda before it gets a chance to do its thing.

Spring cleaning sure isn’t one of our services, but we’re happy to take that troublemaker off your hands for a nice long walk while you get the place in order! Contact us today!



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