Popular Groomers for Stylish Washington, DC Dogs

Whether you’re a proud cat parent or a devoted dog lover, taking care of your furry companion’s grooming needs is essential for their overall health and happiness. While some pet parents prefer the convenience of doing baths and grooming sessions right at hom e, others find that professional assistance comes with various benefits. With specialized tools and supplies, expert groomers can tackle the task of cleaning and maintaining your beloved pet’s coat without turning your home into a soapy, watery, fur-filled adventure.

Here’s what you need to know about the importance of pet grooming, along with an overview of some of the best groomers in the DC Metro area.

Why Grooming is So Important

Aside from simply keeping your furry pet clean and feeling great, grooming also serves another vital purpose: allowing a pet parent or professional groomer to check their feline or canine companion’s skin and fur for signs of ticks, fleas, infections, cysts, and all kinds of other issues that might not be noticed in passing otherwise.

It’s especially important that pets with long coats receive regular and thorough grooming to avoid issues like matting. Whenever a long-haired cat or dog’s coat mats up, it can cause significant irritation and possible medical problems if the health of the animal’s coat gets even worse as time passes. Having matted hair can also cause issues with restricted blood flow, hiding issues like fleas and ticks, and even impact your pet’s bathroom capabilities if matting develops on its backside.

However, grooming is still just as important for short-haired pets. They can also just as easily develop skin-related issues and get ticks and fleas, so having that good once-over each time you groom and clean your short-haired cat or dog is a great preventative measure against these concerns. Not only will you be getting all of the debris and dirt off of and out of their coats, but you’ll also be improving their circulation with regular brushing, as well as helping to brush those natural healthy oils through their fur to keep their coat and skin as healthy as can be.

Washington DC Dog Groomers

12 Groomers in the DC Metro Area

If you’ve got a stylish pet in DC and surrounding areas, we’ve compiled the following list of professional groomers to keep your dog or cat looking their best.

Bonnie’s Dog & Cat Grooming

Bonnie’s Dog & Cat Grooming has been serving the Capitol Hill neighborhood since 1996 and has been voted “Best Pet Care” by Washingtonian readers. They offer full-service dog grooming, drop-in nail trims, a self-serve dog wash station, cat grooming, and flea treatment. They do not offer anal gland expression or tooth brushing. 

Bonnie’s offers a cage-free priority grooming option where you can wait for your pet to be completed for an additional fee. This option is available on Tuesday-Friday appointments.

You can schedule an appointment via the phone number below. It’s advised that you book your grooming appointment at least one week in advance to ensure you get a spot that best fits your schedule.

Phone: (202) 548-0044

Email: info@bonniesdogandcatgrooming.com

Address: 1364 E Street SE

Washington, DC 20003


Masterpiece Canine Spa

Whether you need the basics taken care of or want to provide your pampered pet with a luxury grooming experience, Masterpiece Canine Spa is sure to make your dog look and feel his or her best. This canine spa specializes in breed-specific grooming and trimming and even offers services such as “pawdicures” (including pup-safe nail polish), stenciling, feather extensions, and much more. At Masterpiece, you choose whether you simply want a pampered and freshened-up pup or a complete stylish makeover for your furry companion.

You can schedule an appointment through the contact page of their website.

Phone: (202) 450-2828

Email: info@masterpiececaninespa.com

Address: 1425 H Street NE

Washington, DC 20002


Life of Riley

In addition to being a pet parent’s favorite doggy daycare and boarding hotel, Life of Riley also provides quite a range of grooming services, too! Whether your canine pal needs something as simple as a nail trim or something a bit more time-consuming like a quick bath or a full grooming session, this business offers two locations to make sure your pet can get cleaned up and feeling their best with ease. You can book a stay or grooming session online on their website or contact one of the specific locations below to set up your canine friend’s next spa day.

Adams Morgan Location

Phone: (202) 937-0407

Email: InfoAdmo@lifeofrileypethotel.com

Address: 2222 18th St NW

Washington, DC 20009

Rockville Location

Phone: (240) 569-8009

Email: InfoRockville@lifeofrileypethotel.com

Address: 7326 Westmore Rd

Rockville, MD 20850


The Groomery

Pet parents have nothing but praise for The Groomery. This pet grooming salon is dog- and cat-friendly, and this business guarantees clarity and simplicity when determining your pet’s grooming needs and the pricing of those needs. They offer a variety of packages, from simple baths and trims to more specific grooming needs, such as for those who have elderly or disabled pets or companions with concerns like anxiety or having a current injury to accommodate. The Groomery also offers several different shampoo options and individual services, such as FURminator treatments, gland expression, or teeth cleaning.

You can schedule a consultation online via their website.

Phone: (703) 299-0299

Email: TheGroomeryLtd@gmail.com

Address: 605 Franklin St

Alexandria, VA 22314

Groom! Salon

Although this salon currently accepts canine companions for grooming, this business offers full-service grooming packages and quick touchup options for those needing a quick bath, dry, and nail trim without needing a deep clean or any significant haircutting action. Groom! bases their services on your dog’s size (and also whether or not they have a double coat), so a high-quality salon trip for your pup here can range from anywhere between $55 to $300, depending on the services you require and your dog’s breed and coat condition. In addition to standard grooming services, this business also provides nail trimming and grinding, gland expression, dental care, ear cleaning, and even flea and tick baths!

To schedule an appointment, you can use the contact form on their website.

Phone: 301.328.5750

Email: info@groomsaloninc.com

Address: 8040 Georgia Ave Ste 100

Silver Spring, MD 20910


Olde Town Pet Resort

In addition to boarding and training, Olde Town Pet Resort provides an extensive range of grooming services for dog and cat parents alike. With everything from basic baths, ear cleaning, and nail trimming to mud bath treatments, aromatherapy, and other shampoo options, and complete spa services for your dog or cat, Olde Town has your pet’s needs covered. They even offer de-skunking shampoo baths for those whose companions have found themselves experiencing some rather strong-scented, unpleasant experiences! No matter what you may have in mind to spoil or clean up your furry pal, it’s likely that Olde Town will exceed your expectations. For your convenience, they also have three different locations: Dulles, Springfield, and North Bethesda.

Phone: (888) 475-3580

Email: info@otpets.com

Dulles Location:

21460 Squire Court

Sterling, VA 20166

Springfield Location:

8101 Alban Road

Springfield, VA 22150

North Bethesda Location:

12230 Wilkins Avenue

North Bethesda, MD 20852


Perfectpaws Doggie Spa

If you want a grooming salon that ensures their visiting patrons are treated like family members, Perfectpaws Doggie Spa is the place for you. Pricing is based on your specific dog and its size, and the groomers at Perfectpaws Doggie Spa are committed to ensuring that customer needs are prioritized. All grooming appointments include a facial scrub, ear cleaning, nail trim, sanitary trim, combing and brushing, cut/trim/style, and a bath. 

This location also has a self-serve dog wash where you can wash your pet and have no worries with cleaning up afterward. This service is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, so no appointment is needed. They provide the tub, apron, shampoo, combs, brushes, and dryer.

Phone: (301) 567-1878

Address: 6289 Oxon Hill Rd. Unit A

Oxon Hill, MD 20745


Paw Spa

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line grooming experience for your beloved pet, Paw Spa may just be exactly what you need. Going so far as to even provide virtual consultations to help you determine if your furry (or even scaley!) companion needs certain grooming services or if you can manage any issues at home, this business is serious about putting pet care at the top of their priority list. They provide grooming services for cats, dogs, and even exotics! No size or breed is exempt from Paw Spa’s star treatment. If you’re worried about products, they also offer the Thera-Clean Microbubble System that will clean your pet without any chemicals, abrasives, or soaps.

For questions about their unique approaches or to schedule an appointment, use the contact form on their website or shoot them a call or email.

Phone: (703) 517-4438

Email: gabriella@thepawspava.com

Address: 315 South Washington St.

Alexandria, VA 22314


Central Bark Landover

Central Bark prides itself on its “Whole Dog Care” approach to caring for pet parents’ pups, and part of this approach is providing the best possible grooming experience for dogs of all ages and sizes. They can handle everything from baths to full grooming, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and much more. Central Bark’s pricing is incredibly affordable, and they also allow for add-ons to the bathing and grooming services, such as gland expression and shedding treatments for those whose furry companions tend to leave dog snow wherever they go.

Appointments can be scheduled through their website.

Phone: (240) 582-7389

Email: landover@centralbarkusa.com

Address: 8513 Ardwick Ardmore Rd

Landover, MD 20785


Ms. Barkley’s Organic Pet Grooming

Another option for cat parents (as well as dog parents) is Ms. Barkley’s. Not only are both cats and dogs able to be included in grooming services, but Ms. Barkley’s is a mobile grooming business that can come right to you! The groomer, Naomi, has been praised for her ability to keep pets of all temperaments calm and happy during the cleaning process. Additionally, along with a full range of canine and feline bathing and grooming options, pet parents can also request fun services such as pet-safe coat coloring for a fun pop of color, pet-safe nail polish, and even a 15-minute walk after the grooming session has been completed.

Appointments can be scheduled online or by call or text.

Phone: (571) 305-5000


Park, Bark, n’ Scrub Mobile Grooming

This mobile grooming service is ready to make cleaning and pampering your pup as easy as can be. Still, it should be noted that there are limitations regarding the breeds and sizes of the dogs care groomed by this business—for pet parents whose companions are 30 lbs. or less, Park, Bark, n’ Scrub has got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a quick clean or a full grooming session with more specific requests (such as nail trimming, gland expression, or ear cleaning), this mobile grooming company is just a call away from showing up and getting your dog looking and feeling amazing.

Although they are currently fully booked, you can join their waitlist online to catch their next available appointment!

Phone: (888) 576-7297

Email: info@parkbarknscrub.com


Pooches, Kitties, & Kisses Mobile Grooming Salon

Last but not least is the final favorite servicing the DC Metro area: Pooches, Kitties, & Kisses Mobile Grooming Salon. This mobile grooming company loves both dogs and cats, so all of your canine and feline pals can get gussied up. Pooches, Kitties, & Kisses offer spa packages that cover everything from the basic bath down to teeth cleaning, ear and eye cleaning, trimming and nail care, and much more. Whether your closest pal is a cat or a dog, this company’s groomers can tackle any haircut, whether it’s breed-specific or simply something you want to specifically request. They even offer a list of the products their groomers use on the website so pet parents can review everything before scheduling an appointment to make sure the grooming experience is a perfect fit.

To schedule an appointment, simply provide the requested information on their booking page to get started.

Phone: 202-723-7387


When choosing a groomer for your particular pet, it’s important to always be sure to check out any reviews from previous customers as well as ask any questions or address any concerns you may have about the grooming process up front to ensure you’ve found a good match and that your specific pet’s needs can be accommodated. Don’t be shy when it comes to making sure your groomer and your cat or dog are going to be compatible and lead to a positive grooming experience! You’ll want grooming sessions to be as enjoyable and as comfortable as can be to ensure your pets are clean and well-kept without any fuss in the future.

Once your furry pal is looking and feeling fabulous, we here at Metro Mutts are ready to take your diva-licious dog out on the town to strut their stuff and show off their beautiful new ‘do and fresh, clean coat (while also getting some much-needed exercise after having to stand relatively still for all that primping). 

Cat parents—we can care for your favorite felines in the comfort of your home, too, so you can take some time to care for yourself after spending time getting your fur baby cleaned up and looking amazing. Feel free to reach out and contact us if you have any questions about dog walks or our in-home pet-sitting services!



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